Engine Spare Parts & Occasions


Big bore kit 650, used pistons, new rings steel or chromed, new bored and honed cylinders.
Please mail.

Camshafts : Of course with lobe appaired followers! Please mail.

Valves, intake and exhaust for 2CV`s, Visa`s and GS/GSA engines in stock. Enterely remachined, ready to build in. For the "Do It Yourself" man (or woman) who want to rebuild his heads. Also remachined for sport application. Mail for it!

Cylinders heads for leadfree fuel. Are available in rebuild status from time to time.
Please mail.

All engine parts used : Crankcase, oil pumps, flywheels with different weight: The light model (diaphragm clutch type), old heavy model (spring clutch type).

Flywheels, lightened and balanced : Very important: To avoid unbalance and vibrations that weaken your crankshaft bearings.
Manifolds, carburetors, heater boxes, sheet metal air ducts etc.

Air induction, used, on stock available:

Kühlluftzuführung 2CV6
Set for 2CV6-Engine, with nuts and bolts
Price: 100,84 €
Set for VISA-Engine, with nuts and bolts
Price: 100,84 €


Gearbox parts, pinions and gears are available at any time, all bearings, sealing rings and gaskets.

LERI the mixture adjuster : Allow you to fine tune the carburetor for adequate air/fuel ratio, or after change in engine displacement, camshaft change, to check and adjust idle mixture, rejetting the main jets etc.


Of course our special offer has to be present here  :-)


High Quality Parts do not have to be overpriced! Your engine gets 10 more POWER HORSES and lots of EXTRA TORQUE !!!! Our competitors indicate 40 to 44 HP, and more than 1000.- EUROS for this kit! We fully disagree with them !

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