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For engine M28, M28-1 engines, all 2CV6, Acadiane, Ami8 a.s.o.


High Quality Parts do not have to be overpriced! Your engine get up to 50 and more HORSE POWER and lots of EXTRA TORQUE !!
Our competitors indicate 40 to 44 HP, and more than 1000.- EUROS for this kit!
We fully disagree with them !

Prices are without VAT for export outside European Community!

Power curve 1
Power curve 2

2 CV Engine Overhaul Kit, contain following parts :

1 Big Bore kit 670 cubic (77,0 to 77,8 mm). Low Compression for regular gasoline, chromed rings, piston pins and clips, cylinders are plateau honed.
2 Camshaft 288° / 6,8 mm cam lift / 108° lobes centerline with 4 regrinded tappets followers.
3 Entire engine gasket kit with crankshaft sealing rings and special reusable high tensile 10.9 flywheel bolts.
Is that not fine ?
Cylinders, camshaft and tappet followers on change basis.

Parts must been in a reusable shape and status!

Without parts exchange, add 172.- EUROS



Jets Carburetor jets mods & rejetting (click for full picture) 44,50 €
Carburetor modify & rejetting 73,95 €
Camshaft options:
Pulse plasma nitrided camshaft and new aluminium- or bronze bearing
99,00 €
When your camshaft is worn out : New standard camshaft, we regrind it! 360,07 €
Viton is resistant to synthetic motor oils:
Fan + flywheel shaft seals + all O-rings in Viton
35,29 €
Ölfilterhalter 2CV Adapter nipple for small and big oil filter, with a small and big filter, and O-ring 33,50 €
Expansionskammer-Kit Do it yourself : Expansions chamber kit for twin exhaust: 34,45 €
Luftfilter 2CV Highflow airfilter cartridge for standard 2CV airfilter unit: 9,05 €
Camshaft for towing or sport application also available, your inquiry to customize this kit or your engine at your special wishes is welcome!
Zylinderköpfe Cylinder heads :
For continuous use of unleaded gasoline, overhauled with new valve stem seals, grinded or new valves, ready to bolt on. Right and left head.
294,79 €
Ultra lighweight rockers, all 4: 242,85 €
Ölpumpe New oil pump: 75,62 €
Forward sending of crankshaft is necessary. For no crankshaft exchange ask for pricing, please!
New crankshaft on request in standard or enhanced. Please ask for price!
Overhauled to heavy duty and racing standards, with trimetal multilayer coated bearings at con-rod big ends and massive bronze bushings at small ends, enhanced lubrication at crank con-rod journals, special front bearing shell, similar to what we do on a 2CV racing crankshaft.
Better than new!
(ask for price)
Usual exchange crankshaft: (ask for price)
Ölfilter, 0,5 l Oil filter, original type, small (0,5 lt.) 7,64 €
Ölfilter, 1,0 l Oil filter, original type, big (1 lt.) 12,60 €
Ölfilter Seriengröße Oil filter, series size (0,25 lt.) 6,72 €
Oil cooler, new (ask for price)
Oil cooler, used, good condition; available from stock (ask for price)
Hochleistungsluftfilter Highflow air filter unit with new cartridge, support bracket 89,98 €
Clutch kit, Valeo OEM 96,65 €
Silicon ignition wires kit 21,00 €
Special spark plugs for more power 5,46 €
Parts in stock, fast delivery!

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