Order & Export

We have a lot of experience exporting to countries all over the world, we did it all: From shipping a simple part to shipping an entire car.

We exported to:

Entire Western Europe is our home market.


Payment with credit cards through the
internet or WWW is not 100% safe at the moment.


Send an email or snailmail to us and indicate your order including details about shipping (parcel service, ship by air, land or sea).
You receive an answer from STP including a proforma invoice about the bill. We follow your wishes concerning shipping: surface, sea, air and indicate prices and total amount when possible as well.
You pay on the indicated bank account the amount of the proforma invoice to place your order.
When your payment is accounted, we inform you about the receipt and begin to process your order.
When your order is ready to ship we inform you and you get your final bill via e-mail. Then you have to transfer the balance. When its accounted you are informed about shipping your goods. The final bill is joined to the shipped goods.

You can ask your bank for payment with cashier check. Send it by recorded delivery mail letter. We have to countersign the receipt.

Payment in cash is possible as well. Please, be so kind to only send it in by recorded delivery mail letter or IMO (international money order). We must countersign the receipt.

Payment by CASH ON DELIVERY is not an option for customers outside Germany.

Order Cancellation / Parts Restocking

If you wish to cancel 'prepaid order', the following conditions apply:

  1. The restocking of parts will be at our sole discretion and dependent on our estimation of the resale value.
  2. Parts that can be resold are subject to a 50% restocking fee.
  3. Please bear in mind that many custom parts require machining, etc. this labour and materials are at your charge. These parts will be shipped back to you at your charge. Custom build engine order cannot be cancelled. When cancelling is wished the entire deposit / forward payment is not refundable.
  4. All of the above costs (parts, labour and shipping), are deducted from your prepaid amount. Any remaining balance is transferred back to your account. Applicable bank transfer fees are at your charge.


To go in touch with us, please refer to our contact page!