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Camshafts, an area to which we have payed special attention...

From our company you will get:
Camshafts with a for each performance level optimized lobe profile and duration, including 4 camshaft followers and special coating for quick breaking in and durability.

We use CAM PRO PLUS when developping our camshafts. This is a high precision camshaft and profile measure system. The measurement of the camshaft profile is done in sub-micron range precision. Computer and software are our tools of choice, when researching and developping the lobe profiles. But this alone is not enough. We know that the valve train has to be seen in total, since the complete kinematic relationships are of importance. That's why it we've never experienced an engine breakdown.

Camshafts for VISA engines
V- 06 / 630 / 644 / 664
with 4 tappet followers

Attention : We suggest you to order the VISA camshafts that are regrinded allways pulse plasma nitrided for a normal lifespan expectancy in your engine!


For more powerful camshafts we must use tool steel blanks for the VISA cams, the original shaft becoming to small in ground circle diameter and to weak. Plus the valve train must be able to support the more lift and load in point of vue from valve weight, valve to piston clearance and valve spring.

With above cam type, a full race prepared VISA engine crank out on the dyno 72 HP (DIN not SAE!) at 7600 RPM, its a typical cam of the 24 Hour Spa-Francorchamps Endurance Racing on F1 circuit. Lap time is 3´30´´ to 3´40´´, wet 15 sec more.
F 1 need for a lap 1´18´´ , but they have all between 700 to 800 HP......
F 1 lap time is not the tenth of a 2CV lap !!!!  : - )

For race profiles full steel camshafts are needed since the original VISA camshaft doesn't have enough "meat" and the life expectancy gets to short...

A known fact:
When a new grinded lobe profile is used with a worn follower, the new lobe will be ruined in no time...

That's why we always supply our camshafts including reworked followers. These also have a special coating to make sure the breaking in goes fast and well.

All camshafts and followers on an exchange basis.


All camshafts include running in instruction sheet and 4 tappet followers:

Single lobe cams marked with 1: 160,85 €
Dual lobe cams marked with 2: 165,50 €
Options VISA:
New Alum. bearing: 37,40 €
Bronze bearing: 45,20 €
Pulse Plasma nitriding: 41,90 €
Alum. bearing and nitriding: 83,90 €
Bronze bearing and nitriding: 105,80 €
Gun boring and lubrication bore in lash clearance ramp 110,20 €
Include modified bearing by VISA camshaft when machined out of bronze:
VISA starting at: 436,50 €



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