Big Bore Kits for 2CV engines

If a little is good,
more is better,
and too much
is perfect!

All kits are ready to build in, no hassle or trouble to get any seals, gaskets or whatever!

KIT 652

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  • 9 : 1 compression ratio.
  • For Super Plus leadfree 98 octane fuel.
  • 2 pistons Ø 77,00 mm. Chromed rings, wrist pins & securing clips.
  • 2 cylinders, bored and plateau honed.
  • 2 inlet gaskets.
  • 2 exhaust gaskets.
  • 2 valve cover rubber gaskets.
  • 2 Pushrod tube seals.
  • 4 copper washer.
  • 1 fitting and break in manual (look at How To & Technical stuff).
Price: 312,60 €

Power curve 1
Power curve 2

Performance increase to be expected with Overboring Kits: 2 to 4 HP,
with sport camshaft 6,8 mm 288°: 32 to 48 HP.
Depending on engine, airfilter, ignition, carburetor and exhaust system!

We are the oldest manufacturer for this kit. We beginn in 1978 to produce it!

For leadfree low octane fuel such as common in many countries around the world:
In production from the begin of the 90ties.

Big Bore Kit 670cc

670-assembly   670-assembly
  • 8.0 : 1 compression ratio.
  • For leadfree 85 octane fuel.
  • 2 pistons min. from 77,0 to 78 mm Ø with chrome rings.
  • 2 cylinders plateau honed.
  • Gasket kit as 652.
  • 1 fitting and break in manual (look at How To & Technical stuff).
Price: 324,20 €

Power curve 1
Power curve 2

Performance to be expected: Little less versus high compression kit, but use the very cheaper 85 octane fuel.


Dont forget: Pistons and barrels in all kits are on exchange basis!

Carburetor rejetting to your power level: 73,95 €.

or: upgrading only your carburetor jets: 44,50 €.

Necessary Know-How of the customer:
Those who are capable of changing pistons and barrels can build in these overboring kits.
Necessary tools:
Standard tools, torque wrench.

Technical Information

The life expectancy of the Overboring Kits under normal use is between 60.000 and 100.000 km with standard steel rings. These keep the wear relatively high since steel wears less then cast iron.
Things change when chromed and cast rings are used. Beside of the reducted friction between rings and cylinders, the life expectancy is drastically extended up to a normal engine lifespan. That's why we offer the Kits with Chrome Rings. For us it's a customer service to improve products... Long time before other guys wake up and copy.....

Prices can change without advice.
Prices are without V.A.T. for export outside European Community.


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