RPM versus Speed Diagram of the available 2CV gearboxes

Other ratio on request


Standard-Gearbox 2CV6
125mm tyre
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Exchange gearbox, Price : without VAT 790,10 €

2 types of primary shaft available:

Type 1: Short splined shaft Type 2: Long splined shaft
Short splined primary shaftLong splined primary shaft

By ordering allways indicate type 1 or 2

Long ratio gearbox

Gearbox 2CV
long ratio, tyre 125 x 15
Gearbox 2CV
long ratio, tyre 145 x 15
[Diagram2] [Diagram3]
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Gearbox long ratio, price : without VAT 1002,72 €

Please specify type of primary shaft with your order:

Type 1: Short splined shaft Type 2: long splined shaft
Short splined primary shaftLong splined primary shaft

Without VAT : 920,41 €

For building/assembling a long ratio gearbox there are 2 gearbox necessary, more via e-mail on request.

Gearbox Overhaul Kit

This kit allow you to overhaul yourself your gearbox.

The kit contain:

On request following parts available (most time on stock):

[]   Needle bearing sleeve


[]   Intermediary shaft


[]   Differential


[]   Conical roller bearing for differential


Bevel crown and pinion gear, that are paired parts, delivery only as a pair:

[]   8 : 33 kit , standard final ratio in 2CV gearbox


[]   8 : 31 kit , long final ratio


Rear cover, 2 types (pics)

Gearbox housing (pic)

Gearbox top cover (pic)

Gear kit:

[]   4th gear 2CV6


[]   4th gear 2CV4


[]   4th gear AMI 8


[]   3rd gear 2CV6


[]   3rd Gear 2CV4


[]   3rd gear AMI 8


[]   2nd gear all types


[]   1st gear all types


Rear gear pinion at gearbox sidewall


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